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big and small bags of jalapeno chips, original chips, sour cream and chive chips, and barbeque chips

Our Story

They said we couldn't make a chip with Alaska potatoes... but we did.

Our Story

Ralph and Darcy, owners of the Alaska Chip company holding potatoes and chips.

Ralph and Darcy Carney

The story of the Alaska Chip Company begins with an idea that hatched on a beach in Hawaii in 2002. While  sharing a bag of chips on vacation, Ralph and Darcy Carney came up with the idea to make an all-natural potato  chip in Alaska, using Alaska grown potatoes.  


Upon returning to Alaska, the Carneys built a potato chip testing lab in their garage and at the same time began  working on a business plan. While perfecting how to make the best chip, they were busy making contacts with  local potato growers, grocery stores, marketing companies, and suppliers to develop a supply chain for their  products.  



Fresh From Farm to Field

Our farm fresh potatoes come from local spud grower, Vanderweele farms in Palmer, Alaska. 

chipping potatos in field with pioneer peak.jpg

The fields of Palmer are uniquely suited to growing hearty potatoes under the midnight sun. The valley is filled with fertile fields carved out by glaciers that left behind the perfect medium for growing spuds.

Ralph with a pallet of chips.jpg

Ralph With Our Original Box Design

In July of 2003 the Alaska Chip Company officially began production by making the Alaska Chip - lightly salted, and the Grizzly Chip – barbecue. These delicious products were  distributed to grocery stores, gift shops and convenience stores throughout the state and quickly became a big  hit.  


The company has since expanded its potato chip line to include 5 flavors of chips:

Alaska Chip – Lightly Salted

Grizzly  Chip – Barbecue

Chilkoot Chip – Sour Cream & Chive

Volcano Chip - Jalapeno

Bering Chip - Sea Salt and Vinegar 

These chips are all available in an 8 oz bag. All our flavors, except for the Bering Chips, are available in a single serving 1 oz bag. 



In 2008 the Alaska  Chip Company expanded their product line to include popcorn. The company produces popcorn using all-natural  ingredients and is available in four regular flavors and several specialty caramel corn flavors: 



Lightly Salted

Kettle Corn

Click the photo to the right to view our specialty caramel flavors!

Chips and popcorn.jpg

Check Out Our Snacks by Clicking the Photo

After almost 20 years of production Alaska Chip Company has become a solid local manufacturer of high quality  gourmet snack products that are sold in nearly every category and store that sells snack foods in Alaska. The  Alaska Chip Company continues to grow and is always looking for new products and new markets, both inside  and outside of Alaska.

Award Winning Chips - All Natural

In a national taste test of more than 150 kettle chips, the Chicago Tribune awarded Alaska Chip second place!

Award-Winning Chips

Voted one of the best BBQ chips in the country by America's Test Kitchen


The Alaska Chip was voted #2 in the U.S. by Chicago Tribune.


Crunch time: The search for America’s best kettle chip


“A butter-sweet aroma, fresh and almost caramel in flavor. Beautiful golden sheen with hearty crunch” – Kevin Pang, Chicago Tribune


A Local Favorite

“Best potato chips around. I’ve enjoyed every flavor I’ve tried” - Jason Ryan - Life long Alaskan and chip connoisseur. 

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