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Award Winning Chip


Award Winning Chips - All Natural

In a national taste test of more than 150 kettle chips, the Chicago Tribune awarded Alaska Chip second place!

Award Winning Chips


The Alaska Chip was voted #2 in the U.S. by Chicago Tribune.


Crunch time: The search for America’s best kettle chip


“A butter-sweet aroma, fresh and almost caramel in flavor. Beautiful golden sheen with hearty crunch” – Kevin Pang, Chicago Tribune


A Local Favorite

“Best potato chips around. I’ve enjoyed every flavor I’ve tried” - Jason Ryan - Life long Alaskan and chip connoisseur. 

Harvested from Alaska’s prime farmland, our potatoes are of exceptional quality and make a unique all natural kettle chip, the perfect snack for an unspoiled Alaskan lifestyle.