Alaska Chip Company

They said we couldn't make a chip with Alaska potatoes, so we did, and we made popcorn too!

Chips made from Alaska potatoes

Fresh from the fields of Palmer

The story of the Alaska Chip Company begins with an idea that hatched on a beach in Hawaii in 2002. While  sharing a bag of chips on vacation, Ralph and Darcy Carney came up with the idea to make an all-natural potato  chip in Alaska, using Alaska grown potatoes. 

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Award Winning Chips - All Natural

In a national taste test of more than 150 kettle chips, the Chicago Tribune awarded Alaska Chip second place!

Award Winning Chips


The Alaska Chip was voted #2 in the U.S. by Chicago Tribune.


Crunch time: The search for America’s best kettle chip


“A butter-sweet aroma, fresh and almost caramel in flavor. Beautiful golden sheen with hearty crunch” – Kevin Pang, Chicago Tribune


A Local Favorite

“Best potato chips around. I’ve enjoyed every flavor I’ve tried” - Jason Ryan - Life long Alaskan and chip connoisseur.